Become a Call-Center
operator at home and work
6 years on the market. There are many call centers,
we are expanding now and we need operators for remote work
Work anytime
You choose the work schedule yourself
Hourly payment
As well as approval and bonuses
Any skill level
Available for any
About Philomela call
Philomela is a modern multifunctional service that allows operators to undergo training, improve their qualifications and work from home, using a virtual call center as an indispensable assistant.
Working with us
is convenient and profitable
Registration in the system, it's so easy
Easy to Start
Leave your contact details
Confirm phone number
Come up with a password and we will create a personal account
Free education
Complete the initial training and gain knowledge and access to the system, start earning
Fast learning
Training is conducted in an online format
Constant access to information and additional resources
Constant help and support
You will have 2/3 permanent helpers
Easy earnings
Hourly salary, as well as the more activity you are, the more you will earn money
Hourly payment
How many hours do you work and earn money
Salary depends on completed orders
There is a bonus system
Start your career with Philomela
Intuitive interface that is easy to use will make it easy for you to start your career with Philomela
It's easy to become an operator
Only one device is needed for a successful start
Stable internet
You need a great stable internet connection
For comfortable work, you will need an additional headset for the devices
Clear and fast career progression
You can retrain from an operator to an assistant operator and thus rise up the career ladder
Support Leader
Career growth does not stand still, you can become a support leader
Team Leader
Take control, build processes and become a team leader
Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to fulfill orders on weekends?
Yes, you choose your own available time and schedule.
What is the schedule for receiving orders?
The schedule is self-made, you can choose shifts from 4 to 12 hours. But it is possible to take extra days and execute orders with a 5/2 or 6/1 schedule.
How many orders are usually filled per hour?
According to the service, an hourly average of up to two orders from users can be fulfilled in a typical day.
Do I have a main job or can I combine jobs?
Yes, you can combine your main job with your operator job. It depends on your workload and the schedule you choose.
If I did not succeed as an operator the first time, when can I try again?
You can apply and be tested again after one month.
What documents do I need for employment?
You need to add and upload your ID Card.
Can I get paid daily?
No, the salary is received 2 times a month: on the 15th and 30th of the month respectively.
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